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    #corzo de #Wong #Miraflores #lima #dragón

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    La costa verde - Lima, Peru

  4. dansphotographyjustforyou:

    miraflores 8:25 pm. 
    yo: puedo tomar una foto?
    señor: one dollar, hahaha
    yo: I don´t have money
    señor: JAJA se la creyó 

  5. la-callejera:

    Kennedy Cats

    Parque Kennedy, in the heart of Miraflores, is the home of street vendors, artesians and about 50 stray cats! Cats have been chilling in this park for 20 odd years but nobody really knows how they came to be here

    Lima, Peru

  7. huariqueje:

    Pacific Ocean view from Balta path down, Miraflores Lima-Peru

    Source: www.panoramio.com

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    Town Hall Miraflores , Lima-Peru

    Source: http://mapieinperu.blogspot.nl/

    Via www.huariqueje.tumblr.com

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    Miraflores, Lima

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    La Rosa Nautica. Miraflores Lima-Peru

    Source: followpics.co

    via: www.huariqueje.tumblr.com